IN Club, Vrnjačka 2. str. 36210 Vrnjačka Banja, SERBIA, phone: +381 36 611 022
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want to come back... the promenade, overlooking the park, IN Club boasts one of the most beautiful locations in Vrnjci Spa...

IN Club offers its guests a high quality accommodation in a beautiful surrounding. Located on the promenade, overlooking the park, the IN Club is situated at one of the most beautiful locations in Vrnjci Spa, so its guests can enjoy all facilities that the most beautiful Serbian spa offers.

The rooms are air-conditioned and well equipped, with a number of supporting facilities, which will ensure comfort and convenience. Wireless Internet access is available in all areas. Parking space is located in close vicinity, available for the IN Club guests only.

Delightful atmosphere, friendly staff and a sense of home atmosphere make the IN Club an ideal place for relaxation, vacation and family gathering.

Find out why the IN Club is the place where the guests come by the recommendation of others and always come back!



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The queen of spa tourism

There are seven mineral-water springs located in Vrnci Spa: Topla voda, Slatina , Snežnik , Jezero, Borjak , Beli Izvor and Vrnjačko vrelo, and four of them are used for medical treatments (Topla voda, Snežnik , Jezero and Slatina ) ...


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Briefly About IN Club

IN Club is one of the best equipped hotels in Vrnci Spa. It has been working since August 2004.
Throughout the year, IN Club offers its guests a high quality accommodation and the number of additional facilities.

Vrnjci Spa

Vrnjci Spa boasts a long tradition of spa treatments. The Romans built a sanatorium and nursing home AQUA ORCINAE on Vrnjci hot mineral springs in the period from II to IV century. This is proved by numerous archaeological findings…